Het JUMP Freerun performance team "Progression" is het leidende parkour en freerunning team in Nederland. Met vele jaren ervaring realiseren wij op maat producten voor onze klanten.  Of het nou om een spectaculaire show gaat of spectaculaire sprongen op film u bent bij ons aan het goede adres. 

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Roofgaps on Citumen

Posted on: 2018-12-07

A few months ago we had the honor to work on a new promo video for Icopal Citumen. A circular way of building roofs. Its not often we get the chance to pick out our own spots to use in a promotional video. This was one of these cases and we had so much fun shooting this.

Freerunning for CID

Posted on: 2018-06-24

A video we did for the council of The Hague to promote the Central Innovation District.  We joined forces with Rodivision to create this video and show some high level freerunning to the public.

Mario Odyssey Freerun

Posted on: 2017-10-27

When we found out that the new game Super Mario Odyssey was being launched this month, we came up with this brilliant idea to bring the mustached plumber alive by our own Super Mario Thyrone. Check out the video!